The Beginning




Welcome to my blog! My name is Trish, and I’m the owner of Mini Pip, custom sewing for fashion and home décor. I’m going into my se nior year of college and with senior projects, my internship and starting a business, I want a place to record everything and a way to keep myself motivated.

I’m studying fashion, business and costume design and have a dream of opening my own boutique. Sewing is my passion, and designing is something I’m learning. I love crafts, fashion and traveling but most of my inspiration comes from my own backyard.

I live on 18 acres of farm land. My family moved us here about five years ago and since then we have turned it into a working farm. While I don’t always love to be surrounded by animals, I find comfort in floral fabrics, colored pencils, and buttons.

I want to share my world with everyone around me. I’ve been reading blogs for the past few years and have always been working up to courage to start one of my own. Comments are welcome, and bear with me as I learn how to navigate the blogging world; any tips would be greatly appreciated! Thank you for stopping by, and I hope you come back to see everything I’m up to!




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