Late Night

My senior project is due in roughly a month. Ok, the rough sketches for my senior project are do in like, 2 weeks. I have to draw about 120 costumes. I've done 8. I've run into a mental block and I just don't know how to get out. Since I came home for summer, there has been time to sleep and time to just… think. It's weird because it feels like I've given my mind too much freedom. I actually miss staying up all night to finish a project. I miss feeling tired because I've accomplished so much. So, I'm currently drinking some lovely coffee, listening to music and drawing my heart out. And plan to do this until I see light outside.

What inspired me? This: Matt-nathanson-modern-love
(picture courtesy of

I have been a fan of this here Matt Nathanson for years. The first song I heard by him was "I Saw". It changed my life. It's true! A song changed my life. It was the first time I heard a song that said exactly what I wanted to say but couldn't put into words. After I heard Matt Nathanson, I finally connected to music in a way I never did before.

His album Modern Love came out the end of June. And since then, it's all I've been listening to. There is such passion in his voice and his lyrics. I've been addicted to "Room @ the End of the World" for weeks. (number 4 on the album). It sends shivers down my spine. It is the song that got me out of bed to make coffee, and sit at my desk ready to spend the night with that song on repeat.

So, this is my "late night love song": Matt Nathanson's Room @ the End of the World. If anyone is out there reading, please take a listen, you might just like what you hear.




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