A little behind

no excuses this time, just me being lazy. anyway, on to new topics.

I've found a new obsession. Pinterest. I am absolutely in love with this site. I'm not so much for the "pinning" but I love to re-pin. I think what makes this site so addicting is that it changes every time you click.

http://pinterest.com/pipsqueak23/ (my boards)


Another obsession: Hoarders. I've been watching the show nonstop on Netflix and have cleaned my dorm room at least 5 times, getting rid of a few things each time. I'm home for spring break for the week so the cleaning has just begun in my room at home. So far I have two bags of unwanted items, one bag of clothing to donate and a bag and box of garbage. I think this cleaning thing is going pretty well.


Next (mini) obsession: my sister's wedding. April is fast approaching making her bridal shower only a few weeks away. The theme is "Disney Princess Tea Party". It's my job to make it not look like a 5 year olds birthday party. I've been coming up with lots of ideas that she isn't allowed to know about…Guaranteed to drive her nuts!


I wanted to start my etsy this week, but left all my products at school so hopefully within the next week I'll actually have something to show for all the sewing I've done. My biggest insecurity is not selling anything, or not portraying the right "image". Everyone wants to be successful right? Well the only way to start something is just to do it.



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