chickens and apples

Last summer I had an internship on the farm designing "farm-chic" clothing, clothing that could be worn while working in the garden or working with customers. My mom wanted cute, comfortable items to give her a more sophisticated farm look. The first piece I designed was an apron for her, and found the perfect fabrics to make it in. Alexander Henry designed the fabric collection "farmdale crossing" which included fantastic colors and prints, making it the perfect fabric for the farm. I was recently asked to make an apron for a farm customer and finished it today!



I added a pocket to the middle tier this morning but forgot to take a picture.



This same customer also asked for a bag for her friend so it looks like Mini Pip has some work to get done! It is so nice to have the time to sew again, away from homework and studying. Sitting behind my machine and creating beautiful things is just so relaxing.




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