pretty new fabrics

My college roommate's sister is getting married and she asked me to make bags for the bridal party as a surprise for the bride. The only requirements were that they had to be pistachio green/cream and the brides was to be a little bigger, and plain cream. When it comes to custom orders, the hardest thing for me to wrap my head around is the fabric. When I get colors, it should be easier, but finding a really pretty pistachio green is a little difficult.

Enter Heather Bailey. Her fabric is stunning and the colors gave enough shades of green so even if it doesn't match perfectly, it will still coordinate well. I'm actually really happy with how the bags came out since it was the first time (1) making fabric covered buttons…without a kit and (2) making fabric rosettes, which are super easy and really cute. So, pictures…




DSCN4859 DSCN4861 DSCN4862 DSCN4867

I also made her an "emergency bag" for all the little things a bride might need on her wedding day.



I still can't get over how gorgeous this fabric is. I'm so in love, and I'm happy I ordered a little extra to play with =]



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