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I've done quite a few custom orders since I've been sewing and each time, I find myself coming more and more out of my comfort zone. The lesson I learned from this project was using prints that aren't my "style" and adjusting patterns to create bags I've never made.

The requirements for this bag: To use green, pink, "country plaids", sparkly buttons, drawstring closure on a tote bag and hello kitty fabric. I rarely use sparkly buttons, and never cartoon printed fabric. I've also never made a drawstring bag out of my tote bag pattern. So this was learning to compromise with what the customer wanted and what I loved to make. Here's how it turned out:



Along with the drawstring, this bag has two interior pockets and one exterior. Made from denim and cotton with interfacing and a mesh bottom inserted for structure. It's about 14" deep and 14" across.

So no Hello Kitty fabric, but she's still on there! (It was actually a key chain that I tore apart). The drawstring feature actually turned out pretty cool, something I would try again. Thankfully polka dots (which are my favorite print) come in all different colors so pairing it with the plaid worked well.  Custom orders are fun and a good opportunity to experiment with ideas I wouldn't normally come up with. It's also a nice break from making my regular bags.


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