buttons are a girl’s best friend.

The past couple weeks have been filled with work. My real job, my side business and even making new connections for upcoming projects. It feels like the new year is starting out well. While work has been crazy, I've also been thinking a lot about how things have turned out the past few months. I'm not a very open person, I don't share every detail about my life because I don't think certain things are for people to know. But having a blog is about sharing and while this blog is still very small, I think it is important to start opening up. I'm also filling this post with photos of my button collection because I love buttons and just got some new ones that I want to show off. (I also think that blogs look better with pictures)


A few months ago, I cut ties with a lot of negativity in my life. I was tired of feeling down about myself and sick of the people who were giving me those feelings. It has been hard but I get little reminders every day that I made the right decision. Since that time, I've come to really like myself as a person. I love who I am becoming. I love my dedication to my job, to perfecting my skills, my creativity and passion that I put into everything I do. I am VERY hard on myself, which is how I think most people are, but I'm starting to  focus on my good qualities and admitting to myself that I am a talented woman.

I'm about to start a new business venture…again….but it is finally something that will not be on my shoulders alone. I'm not going to start talking about it much now because nothing has been set in stone. I'm working on names and logos and websites, so once I get basics settled, I'll be more comfortable sharing. I've also just started sewing for a local artist, which once I get pictures of the products, I'll be sure to share. And my first sewing students are coming Thursday! I have a lot to prepare but I'm so excited to teach people how to sew and to share my passion and show that this hobby really can be a career.


I think I've talked about this before, but there are times when I'm extremely unmotivated. I get stuck in a rut and I have a problem getting out. I think I've figured out what is going to keep me away from any rut. My motivation is music. If your music doesn't inspire you, motivate you, jump your creative bones, you are listening to the wrong music. I am so passionate about the bands I listen to. So I've decided that each week I'm going to share a song that inspires me.


This week is "Love is Risky" by Dinner and A Suit. I found this band after watching an episode of Jersey Shore (The show is awful, but the music is great) and bought the album. This isn't my favorite song from the album, but some of the lyrics are so touching and perfect for how life has been the past few months. My favorite line is "There's no way of knowing if we will be let down but we can't let the fear of falling keep us on the ground".

I don't like "defining" a song. I prefer to let the listener decide what it means to them. The lovely thing about music is that it can relate to anything you want, or need it to. So, if you happened to stop by this post and have a spare moment, check out the song/band. You might find something you like.



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