I really was a fashion major.

In Search of the Perfect One-Piece

New Jersey is currently in the middle of a snow storm, which seems like the perfect time to start thinking about summer! I'm 22 and hate showing off my body on the beach. I used to wear skimpy two pieces just because everyone else was and being petite (4'10") I could pull them off. Now that I'm a few years older, I don't want everything "hanging out". I want a classier look, but still young and fun.

I purchased a black and white polka dot one-piece last year by Tommy Bahama. It is the best bathing suit I've ever had. But come on, a girl needs options!

1. Betsey Johnson. Of course I admire this designer because of her fun patterns, but her one pieces are also super adorable!

Betsey Johnson's Atomic Hottie only medium and large

Atomic Hottie One Piece Bandeau Swimdress from Everything but Water

betsey johnson in ivory

Beauty Mark One Piece Bandeau Swimdress, also from Everything but Water

2. Trina Tur. This print is gorgeous, shape is adorable, and it has a matching cover up.

Trina Turk Aquarius Bandeau One Piece | Bloomingdale's

Aquarius Bandeau One Piece from Bloomingdales.

3. Modcloth. This site is my go-to site for great looking, classic clothing. I haven't ordered anything yet, but my eyes have been on the site for the past few years.

And Then Sun One Piece- modcloth

And Then Sun One Piece. From Fables by Barrie. I love the colors and the chevron middle. It's like Barbie's Original Swimsuit, modernized.

Splashed With Color One Piece - modcloth

Splashed with Color One Piece.  This might be my favorite. Reminds me of a swimsuit I had when I was little. It's funny because at age 7, I hated florals and at 22 I can't get enough.

4. Shabby Apple. Another great site for beautiful, classy clothing. I also love that their stuff comes in XS.

Shabby Apple-Umbrella Sky

Umbrella Sky. Great Color and adorable bottom ruffle!


I would love them all, unfortunately the budget won't let me. These are a few choices for now but there is still plenty of time to find others. There are more on my pinterest board (I keep adding more). Of course, I could always make my own…


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