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BAM: Bowling Bag

Earlier this morning, I had a "vision" for a new bag. This is how my designing usually happens. It's like my mind builds something up without me even knowing and all of a sudden, BAM: design. The vision I had this morning was of a bowling bag. But not a real bowling bag, a fashion bowling bag. So I've been doing some research this morning of different shapes and I thought I would share!


Bowling bag-vintage

Vintage AMF Pinspotter Bowling Bag-from Etsy.

Studded bowling bag

Christian Louboutin Panettone Small Studded Leather Bowling Bag

Striped bowling bag

Marla London Canvas Mix Bowling Bag

Mint bowling bag

Mint Bowling Bag-Topshop.

Rose bowling bag

Shop Ruche-no longer linking, but on my pinterest.

From these, I'm getting ideas about hardware and shape, except I have never worked with this much structure in a bag, so this should be interesting. Further research will have to wait though.


This is my Saturday night.


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