I really was a fashion major.

Spring Wedding

Sometimes I want to go to events just to make a new dress. It's a really lovely excuse, especially when you know you have plenty of dresses hanging in your closet ready to go. And they will make fantastic back up dresses. This wedding happens to be in 2 weeks, and with the short notice, that means less time to procrastinate! I've been doing some market research and am so surprised by the lack of florals in my favorite stores! IT'S SPRING! FLOWERS, PEOPLE, FLOWERS.

I'm thinking something high-low. I actually hated this style when I first saw it, but I like the ones that aren't so high, then so low. Something like this, but a little dressier and not so short.

Amer rag high low
American Rag From Macy's.


Next is searching for a pattern. Any suggestions?


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