Infinity Scarf and Bow Bracelet

Just a quick post this evening. This is a scarf I made about two weeks ago for my sister. I had this fabric that I bought on sale with no plans of what to do with it. It stayed in my stash for a while, long enough for me to forget I owned it. When I rediscovered it, I didn't care for the print but knew my sister would like it. So a few seams later and we have an infinity scarf!

Photo 1-005
Photo 2-003

Photo 4-005

This was the perfect fabric for an infinity scarf because of the stretchy knit that it was.

And what I was working on today…

Photo 5-003

I'll post more about this later.

Today's new apartment experience is learning to live with strangers around me. Our hall neighbor went out on the fire escape today which happens to be attached to our bedroom window so that caught me off guard. And someone has been screaming outside for the past half hour…I think it is a man from the elderly home across the street. This doesn't seem like much but it is something to get used to since I came from a farm with 17 acres around me. I also find myself looking out the window quite a bit…just to see people and have found that there are a LOT of people across the street who do the same. It's making me aware of just how many people there are in this town.


Currently listening to Heartbreak World by Matt Nathanson. To me, it's all about the struggle to adjust to the fact that sometimes you have to move on. There are times that you will be let down but just keep focusing on your dreams and you'll get where you need to be. It reminds me to keep going.

Lyric Video-Heartbreak World


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