a winning look!

I had a HUGE surprise today when I opened up facebook. There was a status update from Kollabora (a totally awesome crafters forum) with the winners from their "Blast From the Past" contest and my dress was in the picture! I had to do a double take because I didn't believe what I was seeing, I actually said "that's my dress" out loud about 5 times for it to register in my mind. I entered the contest last week with my "Vest to Dress" refashion (second dress in this post) with no intention of getting feedback or "hearts" but to my surprise, I got 5 hearts! It isn't much compared to some people who get like, 20, but it was the most I ever received on the site. I'm really happy to win but it's really cool that it was the kollabora community that helped me. I'm so happy I found a place to share my sewing. I've posted on forums here and there but never felt "home". Now I do!



Before I got that news, I decided to start on a new dress

Photo 4-006

Photo 2-004

It is for another online contest, but I don't know if I am going to finish in time to enter. I had to quit tonight because I just went into that "I'm messing up cutting so it seems like a good time to quit" mode. I only have the skirt left so it should be pretty quick from here. Tomorrow is another day!


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