Dream a Big Dream

I had a bit of a rough day today, mentally. I've been being really hard on myself  lately and I know I shouldn't be but that doesn't stop me. I started a blog to show off my crafts but I want this to be a place for me to get my thoughts out when I'm just not ready to talk to anyone else.

Yesterday I posted the top of the dress that I was going to enter in an online contest. Today I finished the dress and as soon as I started on the skirt, I knew it was going to be a disaster. When I spend a day and a half working on a project that doesn't work out, it starts a downward spiral. I got to thinking about where I am in my life and I'm just not as far as I would like to be. So while half the day was spent finishing the dress, the other half was sitting on the floor just thinking.

I'm scared of the future.


Photo 3-004

I found a box of glitter letters from two years ago.

Photo 4-007

I started taking letters out to see what words I could make.

Photo 5-004

There were only two words that came to mind.

Photo 2-005

No matter how scared, nervous, anxious I am about the future, my passion will keep me going. If no one ever reads this little blog,  if I never sell another bag, I won't stop doing what I love. I won't give up because this  what I want to do with the rest of my life. I've been reading a lot of stories about entrepreneurs starting up and their struggles and it just makes me hope that one day, I'll be sharing my stories of struggle with someone who needs to hear that the hard times will pass.

Photo 1-007


2 thoughts on “Dream a Big Dream

  1. Thanks! Every once in a while it is hard to find inspiration but sometimes you just have to open your eyes and there it is!


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