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“In Search of a Job” Tote Bag

I've been applying to jobs in the city every few days, and am getting all my interview content ready if I get a call. I don't have a nice bag that fits my portfolio so I made one today! I've been making tote bags for a few years now, mostly out of denim and cotton, and wanted something a little more professional. I had vinyl left over from my Coheed Concert Skirt and went with a cute striped fabric for inside. The more I look at it, the more it reminds me of fall, but it will work for now!

It's about 13" tall and opens 17". The bottom is flat, 3" wide by 11.5" long and has a layer of plastic for structure. I was going to add a snap closure but decided against it. I was also going to add a pocket inside but I've found I don't use pockets as much in a tote since I keep a clutch inside with all my small things. The straps are 22" long.






I also made a couple pillows for the apartment! I had to ask Drew about the fabric choice so these took a few days before production. Luckily he doesn't mind floral…





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