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Blog Everyday In June: Day 1

ok. It's been decided. I will blog everyday in June. I wanted to be a part of the "Blog Everyday in May" but with moving and not having internet, it just wasn't going to work out. I really like this challenge from Karoove though because it isn't JUST blogging. It's crafting and/or blogging.

Since I was called home for an emergency, I don't have anything to craft so today will just be blogging.

Today's topic: Tell us how you got into crafting.

I was 15 when I started getting into fashion. I was tired of wearing the same thing as everyone else in high school and started buying blazers and wearing my mom's vintage cowboy boots. Being under 5', I soon noticed that I didn't have a lot of options for clothing. Every time I went shopping, I would leave the mall empty handed because I was too proud to walk into the kids section to buy something that actually fit. My mom has been "crafty" for as long as I can remember so I was always by her side doing my own craft while she was painting. At 15, my specialty was safety pin bracelets. Luckily they turned out better than my stint as a cartoonist when I was 11. (and a soccer player from age 7-14, and a ballerina before that)

Eventually I wanted to start making my own clothing because I thought it would be easy. I started out sewing by hand and making "awesome" gifts like an ipod case for friends. (Don't laugh at how bad this is. It's also the only picture that isn't blurred. Apparently I didn't understand how to hold a camera at 15)


I also made Sally by hand, sewing patches onto a dress (this is sally #2 because version #1 didn't fit, which is a whole different blog post)

It was a year until I started focusing on bags. At that point I had attempted clothing and managed to sew zippers upside down, misunderstand how to cut out my proper size pattern and always…ALWAYS made things too small.

The FIRST mini bags.

It wasn't until Senior year of high school that I focused on clothing. My prom dress was the first dress I ever completed.

Again, a whole different post. This dress has so many errors, although it still remains the piece I am most proud of. 

This is a good point to stop at because the rest is college, to present day and that doesn't really describe today's topic. I started sewing to make clothing that fit me. It has been almost 7 years since my start, and while I still don't have a full handmade wardrobe, I have come a long way. But I do still shop in the kids section.


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