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Day 2: My Seam Ripper, My Life Savor.

Today I was going to post a pair of shorts I'm working on since shorts are totally a "summer theme"! Unfortunately, my family emergency has not gotten better and after work today I had to go to the hospital for the third time this weekend. So, I was not able to post my shorts. (which are currently an hour and a half away from me). So I am going to talk about my favorite craft gadget today!

My Seam Ripper is the single greatest gadget I own. I think most seamstresses will say that. I used to have the small ones that weren't comfortable to hold but finally invested in this beauty. (from JoAnn's )

Seam ripper

The elongated body is so nice to grasp and since it is cushioned, it is easier to ripe seams for long periods of time without my hand cramping up. It's the little things that make me happy.

Keep calm seam ripper(via my pintererst board)

I will *hopefully* be posting my finished shorts soon. This challenge will be harder than I thought.


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