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Day 3: 5 words that describe me

I just got back to Hoboken, after a very long weekend. My grandma was admitted to the hospital Friday morning after having a stroke and yesterday morning, she had another. I've been visiting her everyday with my mom but it was time to get back home. She seems to be getting better, but we will see in time. That's one thing I love about what I do. If something happens, I am able to leave in a moments notice, no calling out of work, no needing to make alternative plans for how to get back to my family.

So today will again be a blog post, not a craft post…and I will finally have time tomorrow to comment and read all the other posts others have been blogging so far!! YAY!

Today is 5 words that describe me

1. Imaginative

2. Curious

3. Apprehensive

4. Compassionate

5. Exuberant (This one comes from the boyfriend)

The coolest things about these words are, three years ago, the only item on this list that would remain would be apprehensive. But I've really grown into myself the past few years. I think I'm going to look back on this in another few years and see what has changed.



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