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Day 6: Inspiration

Day six is to blog about where you get your inspiration or craft something with an autumn theme. I just got back to Hoboken, so I don't have the energy to sew something…so I'll talk about my inspiration. There are a few things I do for inspiration.

For years I've been buying magazines and clipping out only pages I love (this usually leaves me with 3-10 pages from 1 magazine). My mom does the same thing and we joke about how we could create the PERFECT magazine just from all our clippings. I store mine in binders, organized by fashion or craft…and even more detailed in those topics. I take my clippings very seriously. (I think I have four binders worth now)

The second place I find most of my inspiration is through traveling. Whether it is taking a stroll on the farm at home or reminiscing through photos from Paris and London back from 2010. I went with my university and had such an amazing experience.

My favorite place in the world is Marie Anntoinette's estate. I often think about it when designing.


London is also where I discovered Cath Kidston. I cannot begin to say how obsessed I became with Cath as soon as I stepped into the shop.

You can see the bag I had to buy. The great thing is, my boyfriend now knows that he can never go wrong with buying me something from Cath Kidston, I've since added another bag to my collection thanks to him.

I know this became a little off topic, but it is nice to go through this photos again and get a whole new mess of inspiration!


happy blogging!


2 thoughts on “Day 6: Inspiration

  1. Very impressive dedication on the magazine cuttings. I would cut images out and then never be as organised to put into binders.
    I have just got into Cath Kidston. It was only this week I discovered themes on my chrome browser and now have a Cath Kidston back ground – love it


  2. haha Kairen the organization has taken quite a while to obtain. My mom has baskets for her clippings but they somehow manage to get all over the house. And another Cath fan! Love it!


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