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Day 8: My Craft Space

Day 8 is already here! I think all of us in this challenge are saying the same thing, it is going by so quickly. Today's topic is share your craft space or craft something with a Christmas theme. I really don't feel like thinking about snow and cold in this beautiful weather so today is all about my craft room.

When Drew and I were first looking at apartments, my only requirement was a place to put my sewing machine.  The first place we looked at had barely enough room for one person (and it was way overpriced). So when Drew's friend mentioned they had to move and the apartment had a loft, we jumped at the chance to see it. And now, this is "home". (I'm still working on the homey feeling). I get the whole loft to myself, which is amazing. I'm still working on storage and decorating and I really want to paint, but for right now, I'm happy I have a place to put my machine.

Photo 1-006

This is the little alcove where my desk stays. I want to get a better system for those bins of fabric but I'm not sure what to do with it yet.

Photo 1-011

We were left almost all the furniture in the apartment because the previous renters really didn't want to move it. I think we will be doing the same when we move out. We are three flights of stairs up…with no elevator so moving a couch and bed frame does not sound fun. This rack was left behind so it is holding part of my button collection and threads. My button collection is very important to me. As is my dress form.

Photo 4-011


Photo 2-010

The other side of the room has my ironing board and a small closet for the rest of my fabric. The past few years I've gone from my room, to a dorm room, back to my room, to my sister's room and now I finally have my own place for my sewing. It's also crazy to see how my collection of fabrics, buttons and handmade items has grown. I love it!


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