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Day 9: Crafting for men & 9/11 Memorial

This is one day I was not necessarily looking forward to. Today's topic is to talk about who your favorite crafter is or craft something for a man. Like some of the other challenge participants, I don't really have a crafter I look up to. But I'm also not in the mood to craft so I'm going to share some past things I've made for Drew.

I've showed the iPad pillow before…


But I've never shared the bow ties I made him last Christmas. I've been trying to get him to wear bow ties for the past year. He is tall and skinny, the perfect body type to pull a bow tie off. Now this was my first attempt at sewing these, so I knew he would never wear them but I hoped it would encourage him to buy some. It hasn't yet.

Photo 3-010
Photo 4-012

Photo 2-011


I also wanted to blog about what Drew and I did today! We went to the 9/11 Memorial in New York. We can see the new Freedom Tower from our apartment, but it is just so beautiful close up.



Then we walked around looking for my Grandma's Brother's name. He was in the north tower when the plane hit.

Photo 3

If you ever have the opportunity to go to the memorial, go. It is so beautiful.

Photo 1


One thought on “Day 9: Crafting for men & 9/11 Memorial

  1. The tower looks so beautiful and majestic. Posts about 9/11 still move me and touch me. I’m going to respectfully keep my comment short and not my usual joky upbeat comment.


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