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Day 14: The Five Senses

Day 14: Name your favorite smell, taste, view, sound and texture.

Favorite Smell: My favorite smell is my boyfriend, especially when he is gone and it's all over the pillows. That sounds sappy, but when you just got through being "long distance" it's really just an amazing smell.

Favorite Taste: I'm gunna go with my favorite food here. And that's bacon. But not any kind of bacon, the bacon I get on my parents farm. It isn't super greasy, and when cooked in the oven I eat a whole pound by myself (not kidding).

Favorite View: The beach, specifically my favorite island Anguilla.


This is my favorite place in the world.

Favorite Sound: My favorite song, "Far" by Coheed and Cambria. It is so beautiful and inspiring to me.

Favorite Texture: This is tough. Can water be a texture? I love the ocean and I love swimming so one of my favorite things to do at the beach is just skim my hand over the water. But since I don't think water can be a true texture, t-shirts. That super soft cotton that's kind of worn in from washing and wearing.



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