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Day 15, 16 & 17: Catching Up

This weekend was a little hectic and before I knew it, I forgot to blog! This is going to be a long post because three separate blog posts might be a little much.

Day 15: A day in your crafting life. A typical day that is committed to sewing usually starts with waking up early, watching the news while drinking coffee, then going upstairs to my studio. When I sew bags for etsy, I usually plan on making a while batch at once, and not one at a time like I used to.


A whole group of bags takes a few hours, and I sew while watching netflix and usually take a break every couple hours. I make a lot of coffee throughout the day, but have recently been drinking green tea, so I always need time to make a beverage. Sometimes I will get bored with sewing the same thing over and over and I'll break after the first batch of bags and work on clothing. Since moving, this break consists of cleaning the apartment or getting dinner ready. After Drew comes home and making dinner, I go online and either blog, edit photos, post on etsy or hand sew. While this description is the ideal day, this rarely happens. It has been getting really hot in my studio and I haven't been able to sew for long, so everything important needs to get done before noon.


Day 16: When you aren't crafting what do you do?  If I'm not crafting, I'm usually working on the farm. I usually work in the farm market, when my mom is at a farmers market, but when summer is in full swing, I'm usually in the garden weeding.



When I'm not working on the farm or crafting, I'm either hanging with Drew or running. Boring right?


Day 17: Craft something with the color red in it.

I'm going to share an older project since I've never shared this before. Two years ago, I wanted to be Captain Hook for Halloween. I wanted to give it a "feminine" vibe, since Captain Hook can be really detailed. I made this jacket the day of our Halloween Party: 



I have pictures of me wearing it, but they are so bad I can't bring myself to post them. It was college! I would like to get better pictures of the jacket as well but I don't have it in Hoboken with me.

Ok, I'm all caught up!


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