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Day 18: Crafting Gone Wrong.

Oh where to begin?? Most of my sewing adventures have gone wrong, at least sewing clothing. One of the first dresses I attempted, I put the zipper in upside-down…and I don't even know how.

When I was just starting out, and only knew how to hand sew, I wanted to make Sally from the Nightmare Before Christmas. I thought this would be an easy project since it is just pieces of fabric stitched together anyway right?! Silly me forgot to measure…I used an old dress as my canvas and didn't take into account that by adding patches all over, without a care if those patches made the dress tighter, it would actually make the dress smaller! The night before Halloween, I tried the dress on and it wouldn't go up past my thighs. I knew I was in trouble. And I cried for a good few hours while ripping out seams and trying to figure out how to fix it. It wasn't possible and the dress was ruined.


I promised myself the next year, I would make a dress that fit. And after days of properly measuring, sewing and starting out with a dress that was a little too big (just in case) I had Sally completed.


This is one of many problems I've had with clothing. I do get very frustrated with clothing doesn't come out right, especially after seeing how easy it is for some people to whip items up with no problems. But it just makes each completed AND GOOD piece worth it.


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