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Day 19: For the love (hate) of lace…

Day 19 is to Craft with Lace. (Lacey theme). I have a love hate relationship with lace. My mom used to own a store where she sold heritage lace..a lot of it. When the store closed a few years ago, she gave me all the leftover lace and has been encouraging me to use it ever since. I don't care for the stuff, but have done some past crafts with other lace.

Refashion: Sophomore Year of High School-Semi Formal Dress to New Years Eve Party Skirt:




My first Flat Pattern Outfit-Lace Layered Skirt:



My "spring" wristlet on etsy has a lace pocket.



This isn't really lace, but it looks like lace printed fabric. This is my corset from Senior Year at Montclair.


(in progress)

 (current state-almost done. It still needs grommets)



One thought on “Day 19: For the love (hate) of lace…

  1. I think I love lace but I never use enough of it to be sure. My mum always had bundles of lace and my job was to sort the lace box, I hated it as it was always in a knot


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