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Day 21 & 22

**I started this post 6/22 and was not able to post that same day** ( I just wanted to say that I made the effort to get the post out!)

Day 21 was to craft something with an animal theme:

A custom apron I made (previously posted) has roosters on it!

DSCN4414I don't really make anything with animals on it because florals are more my thing. I really don't have fabric with animals either. But I've been working on some farm related products so that will be filled with animals!

Day 22: Your favorite Crafting Season.

This is a tough one for me. My favorite season is Fall, I love the colors and the weather, but for crafting, I think it is a tie between spring and summer. These months are filled with beautiful bright colors and incredible florals. I love being inspired by the wonderful florals and produce on the farm.


Day 23 will be posted later on today!


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