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Day 26: Crafting a Wardrobe for Work

Craft something with a Spring theme. That is today's topic and while I didn't think this skirt I finished yesterday would fit any topic, I think it has a pretty Spring look to it. But here's the back story.

Last Friday, I received a call from New York. It was a call to tell me I was officially hired to work for Anthropologie in Hoboken! I went on the interview last thursday, and I wasn't really sure how it went but it went well enough! When I first started applying to jobs, I applied to everything but retail because I didn't want to feel like I was going backwards. But after months of disappointment, retail seemed like the only option. I went on the interview and asked about being a part of the visual team in the store. The manager said they hire from within so the only option is to work my way up. I'm really excited about this job because I truly love the store, I love the location (I CAN WALK TO WORK) and I'm excited to *hopefully* be involved with store displays, at least helping to set up or create.I don't think retail is anyone's dream job, but I think this is a fantastic opportunity and it will allow me to continue working on my own business.

So now with that all said and done, I have training tomorrow morning and was told to dress "Anthro Appropriate". While I think most of my wardrobe can be Anthro inspired, I wanted to make something, just cause I can. I knew I wanted a skirt with multiple fabrics, and detail. I started with a pattern from the book "Sew Serendipity" (highly recommended) and pulled out a few coordinating fabrics. This is the result.







Now that you have seen the skirt, I need your opinion: Does this look too "homemade"?


I've already decided I will not wear it for training because I don't think it is Anthro enough. I also personally think it looks too "kitchy." I'm not happy with it. Well, I'm happy with the construction and the detail, but I'm not happy with how the fabrics look together. I also don't think this is the best skirt for my figure. So while I don't really care for it, I did want other opinions because I'm still undecided. It will probably end up in my box of crafting failures but I still wanted to share it.


Thanks for looking and PLEASE let me know what you think!


2 thoughts on “Day 26: Crafting a Wardrobe for Work

  1. I love the green fabric and the bright blue . To me I think the pale blue isnt doing it justice.I think I would have stuck with just the two fabrics.


  2. Thanks Kairen! I was struggling with deciding which fabrics would have been best while making it, and totally agree with you!


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