Project 365 · Working with a Camera

A new challenge & June Update

Now that the challenge is over, I wanted another goal to achieve. I've been thinking about this "challenge" for over a year now, and decided it's a good time do it! It's called Project 365 and what it really is, is taking a picture of your life everyday for a year. With moving to Hoboken, getting a new job, and really focusing on my sewing, life has been changing and I've been documenting with my iPhone but want a more concrete way to show my year.

Yesterday I downloaded an app called "Collect". It's free and is basically a calendar that lets you put in a photo per day. It's a great way to organize and you can upload to all types of social media. Since blogging just a photo a day seems tedious, I've decided to post every Monday with photos from the past week. (I know, today is Tuesday). This schedule will still allow me to post about regular sewing projects without posting overload!

I will be posting my daily photos to twitter, you can follow me @trish_mcl

For now, I have a couple pictures I want to share from the past few days:

Photo 1-016

The handmade earrings I bought on vacation in Anguilla perfectly match my Mata Traders fair trade top. I've talked about this company before, after seeing them at the New York International Gift Fair, and love them so much. Fair trade fashion at its best (and most affordable!)

Photo 3-015

I worked on the farm over the weekend and had to wash 4 baskets of eggs. It's a super simple job but very time consuming.

Photo 5-010

Picking snap peas is the best way to get a tan.

Photo 2-016

Carnival in the town next to my hometown. It gets boring the older you get, until you are finally old enough for the beer tent. I still got carded.


The last picture I want to share is my updated "June List".

Photo 4-016

Clearly some thing's I accomplished, others, not at all.

I finished most of the bags I started.

Designed and made the bowling bag.

Did sew a few more aprons but didn't work on pictures or packaging.

Made two items of clothing: Shorts and Skirt.

Blogged "everyday" in june (missed a few).

Posted bags on etsy, ALMOST every week.

Tweeted a lot.


Posted and commented on Kollabora.

Did a little more organizing in the apartment, did not finish.

Started my half marathon training.

Did not make the inspiration board and did not stop biting my nails but did start drinking more water!


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