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Recycled Bag Collection

The first batch is finally complete!

Last year, I was given a bag of fabric swatches from a local furniture store (my mom knows the owner, who was super happy to give me the fabric). Some of the fabrics are really not my style, but there are many with such great prints that I wanted to see them be used. I kept the bag on a shelf in my closet, hoping to come back to it. A few months ago, the store owner had another bag of swatches to give me. Which made me think about the project all over again.

A few weeks ago, I was thinking about using a pattern I already created to make the bag collection. Then decided that wouldn't work and designed a new bag. It's a very simple design, made to fit the size of the swatches, and really showcasing the fabric (not the bag pattern). I also used a turn lock as a closure, something I've never worked with before. Without further ado…here is the collection! (Some photos were taken before the turn lock was completed)




I know, I know, this doesn't really convey the size of the bag but in terms of measurements, it's 10.75" at the longest point by 7" in height. The inner pocket is large enough to fit my iphone with it's case. The opening of the bag is 8.25". It also has two layers of light interfacing and one layer of medium weight making it very sturdy.  


I'm happy with this collection, the design of the bags, and the mix of fabrics used. These used about 19 fabric swatches, which isn't even 1/4 of the amount I received!

Thanks for looking! As always, I would love your thoughts so leave a comment and let me know what you think!


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