Project 365

Project 365: Week Four

I feel like such a bad blogger! This past week has been a little crazy with work. It's been a bunch of late nights, and early mornings and days filled with intention to blog but nothing to write about! I don't have work until 5 tonight which leaves me with some time to get this post out!

July 22nd:

Photo 1-005

This was a late night working. It was also incredibly rainy, which helped calm the heat but wasn't so good for my TOMS I was wearing.

July 23rd:

Photo 2-005

My birthday!!! The fire alarm at work went off sending four fire trucks to the store. We definitely caused a traffic jam. All the employees went on break around that time and for my birthday, I treated myself to an iced chia tea latte from Starbucks.

Photo 3-004
When I got home from work, I was greeted with THIS. My ipad pillow made it to the front page banner on my favorite craft site! It's really cool to get recognized for something that took so long to make.

July 24th:

Photo 4-003

The window display was finished today and it is so beautiful! All the leaves on the vines are what I have been working on. Today was also the day I received my custom stamp! I've been researching a way to add labels to my products without spending money on custom labels. I decided to buy a stamp, which will be printed onto linen strips, then cut and sewn into my bags. It is a little more time consuming, but much cheaper than custom labels.

My stamp is from talktothesun on etsy. Her products are FANTASTIC and the communication was perfect. If you are looking for a custom stamp, her shop is definitely recommended.

July 25th:

Photo 1-006

We had an event for Anthro's opening tonight. I had work in the afternoon and decided to turn this polka-dot dress into a high-low dress. I didn't cut the dress, in case I ever want to make it long again. This dress was my sisters, and she didn't want it. It is THE perfect dress to alter, but so beautiful on its own that I don't want to ruin it!

July 26th:

Photo 2-006

I made vegan banana bread! But I'm not vegan so butter is generously applied. I have an awesome app on my phone called Spark Recipes and this was on it. Anytime I want to cook, I go on this app to make something great.

July 27th:

Photo 3-005

Home for the weekend to work. I opened the back door to all these little baby chicks in the mud room. As cute as they are, the smell is unbearable.

July 28th:

Photo 4-004

I stayed home Sunday night because of the thunderstorms. Helped mom set up her new iphone and talked with apple's online "help". They did not help.

I really love this challenge and even though everyday might not be picture-worthy, it is making me more aware of what I do throughout the week. It is also motivating me to take my phone out to snap a picture. I always get really conscious when taking photos because I don't want to look like a tourist. But sometimes all you get is one chance to get a shot, so I'm happy I'm learning to take that chance.

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