mini pip

Getting back to business.

Going back to work has been taking a toll on me creatively. Whenever I get out early, or work later in the day, I just want to chill out with all those extra hours. I've lost a lot of motivation for Mini Pip because I've been so focused on doing well at work. Today was my first day off in weeks from both my jobs (Anthro and the farm) and I've been trying to force myself to get motivated. I've just been tired. But I know that the only way to get to where I want to be is to WORK.



I've been pretty honest on my blog. I don't want to be a blogger that does everything perfect and nothing wrong. Because that isn't relatable. And that isn't me. I mess up, more than I really want to admit, but I'm learning. Mini Pip is not only my business, but it is my learning experience. I haven't been in business for decades, haven't made million dollar deals, my products aren't "flying off the shelves"…yet. This is my baby, 110% me, and when I make products, I'm doing what I love. Each bag is a little bit of me coming out in a piece people can carry. I want the owner to proudly say "it's handmade" when they get a compliment. I want people to fall in love with the prints and colors just as much as I do. I want the decision of which bag to purchase to be hard because they are all so beautiful. I think every artist wants this.


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I write this post after a long day of thinking about working, trying to fight off the urge of wanting to nap, ruining my dinner, taking and editing photos, and counting down the days until Drew comes back home (a week and a half). I'm currently curled up on the couch, watching old episodes of Full House, getting mad at the neighbors for playing their music so the bass pumps through my living room and thinking. 



It's time to refocus. It's time to take my free time and turn it back into productive time. If that means drinking more coffee and sleeping less, that's what I'll be doing. I hope to blog more, and all the photos I've taken will be on etsy soon, so go favorite/follow my shop to stay up to date with everything coming up!

Hard work


And if you are reading this right now, thank you. Thanks for finding your way to my blog and spending part of your day with my thoughts. I do hope you come back soon.


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