I really was a fashion major.

For the love of clothing (and accessories)

Going back to work in retail means I am around clothing all. day. long. Part of the job is steaming different pieces, picking up items and focusing on the feel of the fabrics and of course, picking out the right piece for the right customer. I've been window shopping quite a bit. Here are some picks from my favorite sites that are on my wish list!

1. Mata Traders {Fair Trade} Paint the Town Dress:

I own four pieces from this company and love each one. The patterns are stunning and the detail is just amazing! (Not to mention Fair Trade!). I would love this dress in my wardrobe because of the gorgeous purple color and  fun hint of print. I also think the silhouette would be great for my petite figure, although I would have to hem it. And just want to mention a few things: This is only $37.99 (currently on sale) and for fair trade, that's super affordable! This company is also in a competition right now and I wanted to share the link!

Go vote for them to win $5,000! After I post this, I'm going to research all the other companies in the running because it's a great opportunity to discover business doing good!

2. Ruche "Never Alone" Striped Sweater.


For the past year I've been obsessed with the color "mustard". I love the rustic feel of the yellow and it mixes so well with many colors. I have a mustard jacket, mustard blazer and a mustard vest, but not a sweater. I've been loving over-sized sweaters in fall with skinny jeans and a great necklace so this fits right into my wardrobe!

This site is also a great site for inexpensive, beautiful clothing. I haven't ordered from the site before but love the style and price.

3. Anthropologie Blazer

Anthro blazer

I'm also obsessed with blazers. The fabric on this is super comfortable and the stripes give it presence. I love pieces that accentuate my waist and buttoning this will give me a shape.

4. Modcloth "cupcake contest" handbag


It should come as no surprise that I am a sucker for handbags. But when you add bright colors, awesome hardware AND stripes, you have a winner. Modcloth is a great online resource for classy/fun clothing but the accessories are also desirable! I have way too many handbags as is, but it doesn't hurt to look!

5. Anthropologie Kiva Wedges:


Going along with my love of mustard, these wedges are the perfect footwear transition into fall. Being under 5', I've become pretty good at wearing heels without issue, and a wedge is a comfortable way to wear a heel. These come in teal as well, which is another beautiful color. These are way out of my price range but I'm going to be on the look out for a more affordable option.

I would love to see the styles you are currently into! Send your favorite shop link my way!


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