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project 365: week six

Looking back on this past week in the few pictures I have reminds me how fantastic August has been to me. I'm so excited to talk about the days of this past week!

August 5th:

FIT fall course

Last weekend I opened the FIT fall schedule book I got in the mail and saw all these classes costing over $1000. There are so many I would love to take but just can't afford. I kept flipping through and saw this class! I am in love with reconstruction, and have wanted to learn more about it for quite some time. A few months ago, taking a class at FIT would have been impossible, but living right next to the city makes this within reach! I'm looking forward to October.

August 6th:

mini pip label

The first stamping! I did a post on my labels last week and have since made a whole pile of all three colors. I love how they are coming out and am very excited to get more colors. I'm working on some new bags today, which should be the first ones with labels in them! 

August 7th:

craftgawker screen shot

A friend encouraged me to check out craftgawker, and I was hesitant because I thought it was just pinterest all over again. I didn't know that it was a site where you had to submit your work. That intrigued me. So I submitted my ipad pillow, three times. In the first two submissions, the images were "off", so I took new pictures of the pillow, and finally had one good enough for the site. I'm definitely stepping up my photography game! 

So for anyone here from craftgawker, welcome! I hope you enjoy my other work and thank you for taking the time to come visit!

August 8th:

carrot cake cupcake

We had very important guests at Anthropologie today, so my manager purchased a boatload of cupcakes from Carlos' Bakery, right in Hoboken (from the show Cake Boss). The employees got to take extras and I couldn't pass up a carrot cupcake. Going to Carlos' is on my "Hoboken Wish List", or things to do while living in Hoboken. There is ALWAYS a line of people waiting so I've never felt like going but after eating this, I might have to.

ootd-handmade dress

Since we had guests, I wanted to wear a dress. I chose to wear a dress I made my sophomore year of college. This class was a requirement for my Fashion Studies major and every student in the class had to make the same dress, just in different fabrics. We went shopping at Mood (my first trip there) and I chose this fantastic fabric, that was not really meant to be a dress. It is see-through which is why I have never worn it outside of a bathing suit cover up. I made a slip to wear under it. The final outfit was worn with a denim jacket. I feel like I need to start a new category of "retail wardrobe"!

August 9th:

Drew's home-coming

Drew came home on Friday! I made him a sign for when I picked him up but I knew he would be embarrassed to see a sign with his name on it (I also forgot that you are supposed to write the last name).

August 10th:

mini mac kittens

These are some newer additions on the farm. They are the sweetest kittens and love people! We have two kinds of kittens: those that love people and will follow you around wherever you go, and those that run and hide from any kind of movement, even animals.

August 11th:

freedom tower

Last night Drew and I went out to dinner in the city with one of his new friends from work. This is actually his picture for Project 365 (I'm stealing it). It was nice to hear about his month long training and listen to stories about what they did.


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