Project 365

Project 365: Week Seven

I'm still home on the farm today, since my mom and I are going to the New York Gift Show tomorrow morning. I'll be in Hoboken tomorrow night, but haven't forgotten about posting my week in pictures!!

August 12th:

Project 365-week seven

Had the day off today. Did some sewing. This was my footwear of choice.

August 13th:

Project 365-week seven

Went to meet with the visual department at Anthro today but she wasn't in. It was pouring rain and I had to walk with my portfolio, which got wet. This day was a pretty terrible day, but in a way, it was very eye opening.

Project 365-week seven

I also got to hang out with this kid, but he was a little tired.

August 14th:

Project 365-week seven

I went to the mall specifically for new foundation and blush. Little did I know the employee would help me with a whole new beauty routine. I've never used moisturizer before, and have a hard time using face wash everyday. Needless to say, I am awful at being a girl. She set me up with this great cleanser and moisturizer. I'm in love.

August 15th:

Project 365-week seven

I sat down to drink my tea and saw all these shades of green in front of me!

August 16th:

Project 365-week seven

It was a pretty slow day at work and my manager brought this magazine over for me to read while waiting for some customers. I read the first article and fell in love. If you are a creative person, or love to read stories about how people are making their dreams come true, I highly recommend this magazine. It is so well written I have bought both the summer issue and the winter issue (I'm in search of the spring but haven't seen it in store yet).

August 17th:

Project 365-week seven

Went home to work, and saw that my mom bought organic soda. It's pretty tasty but I really didn't think anyone made organic soda! My mom and I had a major talk today about our future and the future of the farm. There are definitely going to be some changes coming soon.

Project 365-week seven

Had to pick tomatoes again today. These are SO TASTY. There are a few things that make living on a farm totally cool. Being able to pick your food and immediately eat it is one of those things.

August 18th:

Project 365-week seven

My grandma was re-admitted to the hospital earlier this week for trouble breathing. It is sad to say, but being in professional care is the best place for her right now.


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