Project 365

Project 365: Week Eight

Can you believe it's the end of August already?? The summer went by so fast!

August 19th:

project 365: week 8

Bought an organic tea today and this was under the cap. It's called "Sweet Leaf Tea" and it's pretty good. The packaging is so amazing. The more I work on packaging for my products, the more I notice packaging in stores!

August 20th:

project 365: week 8

My mom and I went to the New York Gift Show, NY NOW. One of my favorite Fair Trade fashion companies, Mata Traders, was there and I am so looking forward to their new collections. I also met some new fashion companies that seem to have a very promising future. My mom and I went to get ideas for the farm market, but we were also noticing a gap in the industry. We've been brainstorming some ideas and it looks like I now have a new project! I'm sure I will be posting about it in the weeks to come.

August 21st:

project 365: week 8

I started my "fall wardrobe"! I wanted a nice pair of shorts to wear with tights and boots for a few years and just decided to make them. I just need to sew some buttons on them, photograph them, and they are done!

August 22nd:

project 365: week 8

I was sewing my shorts and had work the 22nd, so it was a pretty boring day….except for breaking a plate. I slipped on the stairs and the plate went all the way to the bottom.

August 23rd:

project 365: week 8

Made delicious oatmeal today. Apple, cinnamon, raisin! Eating healthy can be pretty easy.

August 24th:

project 365: week 8

Home to work on the farm and was greeted by these beautiful flowers at the back door.

August 25th:

project 365: week 8

The farm harvested like, 200 lbs of garlic. I helped clean about 10 lbs. This is how a farm girl gets tan!


In other news:

Earlier this year, I got an instagram account for the photo effects. I stopped using it because I hate instagramed photos on twitter since it takes you to another window to see the image (through the iphone). I don't know what made me start up again, but my instagram is in use once again! I'm still learning instgram but my username is trish_mcl. 

Anyone remember a few years ago the big thing was "pic comment for pic comment??" Well I will totally "follow you" if you "follow me". Haha I couldn't resist! Social media is still a mystery to me.


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