Project 365

Project 365: Week Ten

Where did this past week go?? I can't believe it is already Tuesday night. I didn't forget about project 365 this week, I just didn't have the time to sit down and download my photos and post them. I'm also a little upset because I thought I would have had time last week to photograph a bunch of projects I've finished but I've been working all day and photos in florescent light just don't cut it.

I really thought I had a lot of work to do in college. Life after college is super busy but I feel like there is so much more pressure now. It is just a different kind of pressure that college didn't have. Before it was "I have to do all this homework and study so I can pass this class!". Now it's, "I have to pick up extra shifts to pay my bills and still find time to make products to sell!"

I've realized my pictures are becoming more food oriented/really show that I've done little but work. Hopefully the next few weeks will have better images, or at least make me look interesting haha.

September 2nd:

project 365: week ten

I was called into work on Labor Day.  This was my holiday treat.

September 3rd:

project 365: week ten

Drew has also been having a rough couple weeks. We don't get to see each other much and when he gets home around 1 am, I am already sleeping. I've started leaving him post-its on the bathroom mirror, just as a reminder that I love him.

September 4th:

project 365: week ten

Made pulled pork and mushrooms for dinner. The pulled pork is all natural and it is so delicious, every time the farm has it stocked, I have to take it home with me. Also continued with my training this week by running 6.5 miles.

September 5th:

project 365: week ten

Another food post. Brought home peppers from the farm. They make a great snack after a long day of work.

September 6th:

project 365: week ten

I've been trying so hard to fit some sewing in. I was working on more coasters for a show one night after work. I took this picture at about 10:30 pm, and not even 5 minutes later, Drew came home. I was so surprised to see him that early that sewing had to stop for the night. It was nice to get to talk to him for a few hours and just hang out.

September 7th:

project 365: week ten

My dad is awesome. Every weekend when I go home to work, he goes on an "alcohol run" and always picks me up a new cider. This is the one I got two weeks ago but finally snapped a shot of.

September 8th:

project 365: week ten

I brought this pepper back to Hoboken for Drew. He loves spicy and this is supposed to pack a punch. I haven't had a chance to tell him to eat it yet so I'll probably put a post it on it tonight.



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