Project 365

Project 365: Week Eleven

I'm actually writing this Sunday night and it will be posted Monday morning! I will not let this post get three days behind again! (I'm trying, really) This week was long. I think work is catching up to me. Well, not getting time to sew is really catching up to me. I've finished some more coasters for the show in October, but haven't had time to do much else.

September 9th:

Photo 5-012

For about a month now, I've been wanting to meet with the woman who is in charge of visual display in Anthro. Our schedules haven't connected until Monday! I was able to run back to my apartment on my break and show her my portfolio. I'm not sure if it will get me anywhere but I'm so happy I finally had the opportunity.

September 10th:

Photo 3-017

A few weeks ago, Modcloth announced a contest to design an item of clothing around a swatch of fabric. An idea came to me right away, I just didn't sit down to draw it out. I stayed up late to finish my sketch since it was due 9 am the next morning. It isn't perfect, and I know I have much to improve on my drawing skills but I'm beginning to take every chance I get, because you never know what could come of something.

September 11th:

Photo 4-016

9/11. This was the view from my apartment. I've never gotten to see the lights in person and I was so grateful to get to experience them.

September 12th:

Photo 3-018

Drew came home early tonight so we went out for a drink. There's a bar a few blocks down that serves food pretty late so we went there. The bouncer said I look like a 10 year old and I was so scared he wouldn't believe my ID was real. I'm 23 and still get asked if I want a kids menu at restaurants. I'll love the "young look" when I'm older, right?

September 13th:

Photo 5-013

I had the morning off, so I was able to get some sewing in. I had an awful day at work in the evening but was happy to get to spend the night with some friends.

September 14th:

Photo 1-019

Farm day. This kale is getting so big! Today was a pretty busy day in the market, we received some new product and it's fun displaying everything.

September 15th:

Photo 2-018

I'm starting to bring out my fall wardrobe. Fall is my favorite fashion season, all the rich colors make me happy. This is a jacket I scored at Charlotte Russe a few years ago that I'm still obsessed with. {Button and fabric detail}

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