Project 365

Project 365: Week Twelve

My mom and I were talking the other day about just how fast these years have been going by. This month is already gone and I haven't completed my list of goals! If anyone has tips on how to slow down time a bit, that would be fantastic.

September 16th:

Project 365: Week Twelve

I made Drew try one of the hot peppers I brought home from the farm. One of the peppers wasn't hot at all, but the little pepper was pretty warm. He didn't want to admit it but when I saw the smile, I knew it burned.

September 17th:

Project 365: Week Twelve

Today was a great day for "fall clothing" so I took out my cowboy boots for work. My dad bought these for my mom in the 80s but she didn't wear them because they didn't fit properly. I claimed them back in high school and have been wearing them for the past 7 (?) years. The quality is fantastic and they have a wooden heel which makes them so much cooler. I'm sure I'll have more pictures of them later in fall.

September 18th:

Project 365: Week Twelve

Commercials usually don't sell me on a product. But one late night when the Werther's Original Caramel Candies commercial came on, I had a craving. I made Drew pick some up on the way home and now they are the perfect snack to keep my sweet cravings at bay.

September 19th:

Project 365: Week Twelve

Working on some more coasters for an upcoming show. I am finding more time to sew (making more time) but am stuck on this commitment before I can move on.

September 20th:

Project 365: Week Twelve

Drew was home early so we had a mini date night. We went out to dinner, and while the meal wasn't that great, the dessert (cheesecake, my personal favorite) was delicious.

September 21st:

Project 365: Week Twelve

This is a farm my family visited over the weekend. I'm not going into detail about this just yet, but there might be some pretty exciting things happening in the future.

September 22nd:

Project 365: Week Twelve

This is one of our cats, Bear. He likes to roam away for a few weeks then come back to visit. Bear is one of the friendliest cats on the farm. All he wants is love and a pat on the head. I think I over-played with him because he needed a nap by my feet in the market.


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