Project 365

Project 365: Week Thirteen

Another week, another 7 pictures from my life. Some days this feels like a hassle, but lately it's been fun again.

September 23rd:

Project 365: Week Thirteen

Drew brought me a dozen roses. It wasn't our anniversary, no special occasion whatsoever, just because. They were so beautiful!

September 24th:

Project 365: Week Thirteen

I brought food home from the farm, this new cheese (hot pepper and parsley mozzarella) and some tomatoes. I've have ground turkey in my freezer for a while and finally made my favorite burgers.

This is the receipe for my FAVORITE turkey burgers.

September 25th:

Project 365: Week Thirteen

I went to college with Kimberly, owner of Julian and Verne. She was hosting a giveaway as a "thank you" for voting for her picture in a contest and I won! When the bracelet came in the mail, I was in awe. It is so pretty and the colors are the perfect addition to my accessories wardrobe. If you have a moment, I recommend taking a look at her shop. 

September 26th:

Project 365: Week Thirteen

I purchased a planner the week before because I realized mine was over this month! It's an etsy purchase from LevelandLace, another great shop. She is currently on vacation, but her planners are perfect for me. They are blank, so you can start from the month you want. There is a ton of room for lists and October is already filling up!

September 27th:

Project 365: Week Thirteen

I didn't have work today so I was able to finish sewing for the Vermont Craft Show.

September 28th:

Project 365: Week Thirteen

I finally got to see some friends from college that I haven't seen in months. One of my friends just moved to the lake so we had a great night outside with the fire.

September 29th:

Project 365: Week Thirteen

One of the cats on our farm had kittens a few weeks ago. There are five little fur balls and they are the cutest things! They are so friendly, love to explore and really love people.


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