Project 365

Project 365: Week Sixteen

The past week was a rough one, and you'll be able to tell by my pictures but I'm happy to get back to some normalcy this week.

October 14th:

project 365: week sixteen

Monday was getting everything prepped for the wake. I took on responsibility of putting together the picture boards. It's so hard putting 85 years of memories onto two poster boards.

October 15th:

project 365: week sixteen

The wake. My grandma gave me her polka dot dress back when I was in high school. I decided to fix it up and wear it to my junior prom. It is my all time favorite dress so I wore it to the wake in honor of the amazing woman who gave it to me.

October 16th:

project 365: week sixteen

Beautiful flowers from the funeral.

October 17th:

project 365: week sixteen

Progress on my costume. It's just about half way done in this photo. I'm a little further now and plan to work on it some more tonight. Does my costume look a little more obvious now? Hint: it's a character from a children's book.

October 18th:

project 365: week sixteen

Sometimes I get in the mood to cook. This is very rare, so when it happens, I need to act on it. I wanted soup so I made a new soup mix we got at the farm.

October 19th:

project 365: week sixteen

All the little kittens have been adopted. This was the last picture I got of one on the farm. They were so adorable but I'm glad they all went to loving homes.

October 20th:

project 365: week sixteen

Little baby egg! It's classified as "PeeWee" on the egg scale.


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