Project 365

Project 365: Week Nineteen

One day I'll actually post this on a monday.

November 4th:

Project 365: Week Nineteen

Some mornings you just need a really great pick-me-up.  I rarely buy coffee somewhere when I can make it myself but spending $4.00 on this caramel latte was totally worth it.

November 5th:

Project 365: Week Nineteen

Second project in my refashion class. I know it isn't really showing anything right now but I will post more photos from all my refashions! I'm getting really into the class and my closet is making some sacrifices for me.

November 6th:

Project 365: Week Nineteen

These are some of the pieces for the new Anthro window. The complete window is absolutely stunning and I'm so happy that I was able to work on it. I definitely recommend going into your local anthro and looking at all the new displays!

November 7th:

Project 365: Week Nineteen

Some display from the store that I got to take home. Adding some gold to my apartment ; )

November 8th:

Project 365: Week Nineteen

I've started going to the farm on Fridays, in addition to Saturday and Sunday, and was stuck in traffic on the Pulaski Skyway for 20 minutes. I've learned to leave earlier.

November 9th:

Project 365: Week Nineteen

I found one of my favorite stuffed animals from when I was little. I used to be obsessed with Tweety bird and baby tweety is just so cute! I had to throw it away because it was in storage in the barn and didn't sit very well in there.

November 10th:

Project 365: Week Nineteen

Stormy Skies at the farm.

Project 365: Week Nineteen

Drew and I went out to dinner at the Brass Rail. The whole experience was fantastic. The food, the service, and that drink was incredible!



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