Project 365

Project 365: Week Twenty

November 11th:

Project 365: week twenty

I've been waiting for this issue. This magazine is so fantastic and I really recommend it for anyone who wants something unique. I've only read three issues so far but each one has had excellent content. It is so inspirational to flip through a magazine with enticing images and to read about people and small businesses that deserve the recognition. It has become a goal of mine to get in this magazine.

Project 365: week twenty

Monday night I was invited to the Anthro "managers party" for helping with display the past few months. We went to Pilsener Haus in Hoboken. This little gem was sketchy to walk to but man, was it awesome inside and out. It was a great place for the party and I really want to go back. Hopefully I'll have a trip there in the near future.

November 12th:

Project 365: week twenty

I've been seeing these leather sleeve trenches for a while now and have been itching to get one. I really don't have the funds at this point to go out and purchase a jacket that I don't really need so I took one of my old coats and one of my sister's old coats and put them together! I started this as my third project in refashioning class so I still have some work to do to finish it up but am excited for the final product.

November 13th:

I can't actually show this picture just yet because it is part of a display at Anthro. So this one will just have to wait!

November 14th:

Project 365: week twenty

My first #throwbackthursday! (#tbt). I've been thinking about what to get Drew for Christmas/our Anniversary so I was looking at the past gifts I've made for him. I have an idea in mind for this year, but don't know how it's going to work, so I have some more thinking to do.

November 15th:

Project 365: week twenty

My mom and I have been trying for months to work on this embroidery project but we haven't had time. I finally thought I had a chance on Friday but technical difficulties prevented me from working on this. So many ideas, not so much time to do them.

November 16th:

Project 365: week twenty

Today I learned how to harvest brussel sprouts. They are grown on a log, which most people don't know and are very time consuming to take off the log. We now sell them on the log because they are in such high demand!

November 17th:

Project 365: week twenty

These adorable ornaments are the newest addition in the farm market. They are a fair trade product handmade out of little gourds. We try to fill the market with handmade/fair trade products because we believe in the small companies out there that are doing good.

That's my week! What have you done this past week? Are you working on a Project 365? I would love to see!


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