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Folk Collection

Wow, bad blogger over here! These few weeks have (of course) been crazy. With Thanksgiving and Black Friday, the work load is really hitting me. But I do have some exciting news! I will now be an official full time employee at Anthro! I'm so excited for this change because I've worked really hard to get to this point. But that isn't the reason I'm posting.

My new handbag collection is up on etsy! I fell in love with this fabric collection the first time I saw it and have been hoarding it for years waiting for the moment to use it. This fabric has fantastic colors and designs.

Folk Collection

My bags on etsy

When I was trying to name the collection, the vibe I got from this was Folk. I pulled some inspirational photos that I wanted to share!

folk inspiration

{Image from here}

Folk really comes from the color and detail in design. It's a little "homey" with a touch of ethnic and so bold it really captures your attention.

Folk inspiration

These little prints by Beci Orpin are so cute!

Folk inspiration

{The last print comes from here}


My new wristlet has an improved wrist band. The previous wristlets I made had a wider band, so I made it a little longer and skinnier.

folk collection

folk collection

folk collection

Go check them out!


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