Despicable Me Felt Unicorn

I have many past projects to share and wanted to get a jump start in the new year! This holiday season I didn't make as many handmade gifts as I normally do, but did manage to make a very important one!

I decided to make my sister the unicorn from Despicable Me because she loves the movie (and she already has a minion). This was a very easy and quick project, which was perfect because I didn't have much time to complete it. All i needed to make the unicorn was felt, stuffing, embroidery thread, eyes and a boa (for the mane and tail). 

  despicable me felt unicorn-mini pip

I googled horse sewing patterns and used a simple one that popped up. I enlarged the pattern to make the horse bigger, more "fluffy". The body of the unicorn needed some adjustments but the other details went together quickly. I referenced almost every google image of the unicorn to get the little bits as accurate as possible.

despicable me felt unicorn-mini pip  despicable me felt unicorn-mini pip

despicable me felt unicorn-mini pip

The unicorn is a pretty good size, making it totally cuddle-able. All detailed felt pieces (ears, horn, nostrils, etc) were hand sewn. This thing required about a bag and a half of stuffing! Thankfully my sister loved it. I had to give it to her at my family's christmas party and all my little cousins thought it was for them so it was good to know they loved it as well.

despicable me felt unicorn-mini pip

despicable me felt unicorn-mini pip

despicable me felt unicorn-mini pip

And for a comparison, a "real" unicorn stuffie from the movie.

despicable me felt unicorn


 As always, thank you for reading!!

despicable me felt unicorn-mini pip


2 thoughts on “Despicable Me Felt Unicorn

  1. Hi!! I am a brazilian girl and i have a little daughter. She loves this unicorn!!! Could you send me the pattern??? Please, forgive me if you could not, but i am looking on the internet to find this pattern and until now, nothing!!
    Thank you!!!
    P.S.: So Sorry for my english…… It isn’t good…. 😥


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