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Spring Sewing List

I don't know how the weather is where you are from but here it is COLD (ok today was pretty warm but in general, its been cold). I am a horrible person in cold. You don't want to walk with me because I practically run for warmth and I'm really great at playing the "layering" game. So I've been starting to think of warm. Spring is warm. Spring means flowers popping out of the ground, de-hibernation, and, of course, a bit of cleaning.

Spring is also a great time for some new clothes! I really want to focus on sewing some beautiful pieces for my wardrobe this year. While I don't always have time to dedicate to sewing for myself, these are a few goals I would like to achieve for spring.

 #1- Polka Dot Blazer

Besides florals, my favorite print is polka dots. Most of my wardrobe consists of polka dots now, but, I don't have a blazer out of them! I was really inspired by this page I clipped out of an old magazine.


I also saw this adorable blazer on


{purchase here}

A blazer is a wardrobe staple, even one with a print. I've been in love with blazers for years and think its a great time to test my sewing skills with a more advanced project.

#2 A Spring Dress.

I always like to add a floral dress to my wardrobe every year so this year, it would be fun to add a handmade one like this:


{From Anthropologie}

or this


{From Modcloth}

I really want to make a wrap dress but need to purchase fabric before settling on a style. Sometimes a print isn't meant for a certain style dress.

#3 Printed Crop Pants

Apparently in my wardrobe, you can never have enough prints! I have no printed pants and this would be a great piece to refashion! I would want something a little more neutral. Like these from bloomingdales:


{on sale now!}

 #4-Gym Bag

As a handbag designer, I like to design a few new bags a year. I have a gym bag but it's too large to carry to work and those drawstring backpacks are too small. This one by Steve Madden would be PERFECT- if it wasn't over $50


{From Nordstrom}

What's on your sewing list for Spring?



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