Project 365

Project 365: Mini Photo Share

I had a post all planned for today. I had my garment all set. I had even kept my hair really great all day so pictures would look good. I set up my tripod, set the timer, stood smiling….then my battery died. So that post will have to wait.

I've been taking photos for project 365 but, as always, some are quite boring. So I'm only going to share a few from the past three weeks.

A few weeks ago, I went to a different Anthropologie to help with their display. Every morning I would pass this awesome yarn shop with the coolest window.


The store I went to was 5th ave. This is a picture of their display:


Next week I was back in Hoboken to help with our display. It is so inspiring to see the different interpretations of the theme.


This past week has been somewhat of a blur. Not because I've had so much going on that I couln't keep things straight, I caught a cold. I would come home from work, sit on the couch with my tissues and sew.


The last picture is from this weekend. I go to my parents house every weekend to work on their farm and this weekend I was greeted with snow!


This has been a little of my year so far. I should start getting back on track with 365 postings soon.

Hope this year has been great for you so far!


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