Life Update

I can't believe over a month has past since my last post!! I've had a hard time coming up with blog posts these last few weeks because I feel like I have to have "finished" projects to show. Those projects aren't done. …not even close. These weeks have been prep work for so many finished things!

I started this blog to share my sewing projects, but my life is so much more than sewing. I'm not very good at sharing but I want to be able to share more of my life on this blog. I work at Anthropologie in Hoboken, monday through friday, and go home to my parent's farm on saturday and sunday to work there. I've been working this schedule for a few months now so I'm finally getting my "free time" down to a science. My sewing time comes in after work at Anthro so projects have been taking a little longer to complete. I'm also training for my second half marathon so adding gym time into the mix decreases sewing even more. I also try to squeeze a date night in with my boyfriend every once in a while, but that's a whole different story haha!

Now that that's all out of the way, here are some pictures of my life lately!

Photo 1-008 

Photo 1-009

Photo 5-007


Some anthro display…and apparel. We built an elephant and I dehydrated hundreds of lemons and oranges. I bought my first "petite" item, and let me just say, this skirt is AMAZING.


Photo 4-006

Photo 5 - Copy (2)

  Photo 4 - Copy (2)

Some farm photos. We put an awesome floral print on the farm market counter to bring in some spring! A baby lamb was born a few weeks ago and barn cats need naps too.


Photo 3-006

Photo 1 - Copy (3)

Photo 2 - Copy (4)


Some moments with drew. Valentines day dessert. A bag of bagels from my dad and our view on a morning run together.


Photo 2 - Copy (3)

Photo 4 - Copy (3)

Photo 5 - Copy (3)


Some sewing moments. Fabrics for a line of table runners, a close up of embroidery designs we are working on for the farm. and organic fabrics for my line of aprons.


I have my hands in a lot of different projects and while it's stressful, it is so much fun! What have you been up to lately?  


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