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‘A Sign of Spring’ Dress!

Are those flowers I see on the trees outside?? Green grass peaking out in the fields? Has spring actually arrived?! It has!!! Jersey has been having beautiful weather (mixed with a few cold days) but to have that 65 degree sunshine hit your skin is heaven.

I started this dress months ago as part of my "new year, new sewing" kick. The quilting detail took forever and that turned me off from this dress because, like usual, I wanted instant results. So this sat on my dress form for months, without sleeves and without a hem. With so little work to actually finish on the dress, it was a very sad sight and I finally got tired of looking at it!

sign of spring dress-minipip

The fabric was on sale at Joann's (before christmas, so it is pretty old). The pattern is a Cynthia Rowley (my fave!) #2586. If you haven't picked up one of her patterns, run to the store! They are cute, easy to follow, fashion forward and a great intro to fabrics other than cotton. She is my pattern making crush- if there is such a thing.

sign of spring dress-minipip

sign of spring dress-minipip

sign of spring dress-minipip

sign of spring dress-minipip

sign of spring dress-minipip

I made 'view C' this time around. (I made view A a few years ago) but I'm debating if I should turn this into a top instead of a dress. Opinions about the quilted bottom? Keep or go? Let me know!

sign of spring dress-minipip


Overall I'm happy how this came out, and happy to have a cute, handmade, dress to wear to work. I love the fabric, love the quilting detail all over the dress but wish I made the sleeves a little shorter (short arms over here) and I'm still debating on top vs dress factor.


In other sewing news, Drew and I were invited to a wedding which is the perfect excuse to make a new dress…that and I'm really not liking the dress options in retail world. This one is a Vogue pattern, which I've never used. The top has so. many. pieces. It makes me nervous. But I'm excited! And will post about it if I finish!


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