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”What a Beautiful Print for a Wedding” Dress

I mentioned in a previous post about making a new dress for a wedding I was attending, and here she is!

This is vogue V1174 by Cynthia Steffe. I bought this pattern what feels like years ago to make a birthday dress but just never got around to it. When my boyfriend was invited to his friends wedding, I did actually try to shop for a dress. I knew it would be less stressful, but probably more expensive, to just buy but there wasn't anything that I liked! So that left me with one option: just make my own dress.

''beautiful print for a wedding'' dress -mini pip

''beautiful print for a wedding'' dress -mini pip

Once I picked the pattern, picking the fabric was easy. Joann's, of course, had a sale…and coupons… so I bought this beauty. It's a thicker fabric, damask, which didn't make it necessary to add lining, but I did anyway.

''beautiful print for a wedding'' dress -mini pip

This pattern was the most intense I've sewn, with so many pattern pieces to cut and instructions to follow. As I use more patterns, I'm finding that I actually follow the instructions much more than I used to.

This lady had so much detail! From pockets and pleats to boning and piping.

  ''beautiful print for a wedding'' dress -mini pip

''beautiful print for a wedding'' dress -mini pip

Never have I been so happy with the inside of a dress as this one. I even took pictures because it's so beautiful!

''beautiful print for a wedding'' dress -mini pip 

''beautiful print for a wedding'' dress -mini pip

There is one thing this pattern has taught me. Take a closer look at the picture on the pattern envelope. I was not prepared for the way the skirt was attached and at first I was unhappy with how unfinished it looked. After I sewed the skirt on though, I didn't mind it.

''beautiful print for a wedding'' dress -mini pip

I highly recommend this pattern, but for a more experienced sewer. I cut the size way too big for my body and had to alter it quite a bit. I thought my measurements were right but it was way off. The bodice is very secure with the boning included but because I didn't alter it enough, I did pull it up quite a bit throughout the evening. I might add a spaghetti strap so the wear is a little easier from now on, especially at work.

Thankfully no one at the wedding thought it was handmade, that's one of the greatest compliments I can get!

''beautiful print for a wedding'' dress -mini pip


3 thoughts on “”What a Beautiful Print for a Wedding” Dress

  1. That dress is FABULOUS!!! Wow. That’s beyond anything I’ve ever tackled, but it sounds like fun…in a grueling sort of way. 🙂 I’m starting to get more and more intrigued by some of those intricacies. I’ll have to pin this one for future inspiration!


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