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The Ruffle Apron

I've been working on my aprons for about a year now and they are finally ready to be released! I have three designs in my mini collection so I thought I would give them each their own post. First apron I'm sharing is the ruffle apron.

ruffle apron - mini pip

I designed this apron a few years ago for my mom. She wanted a cute apron to wear at farmers markets and needed a small pocket for her phone. This was the result! Out of the collection, this is the "fun" apron. The other two are a little more practical (still cute though) and I'll show them over the next few days.

ruffle apron - mini pip

A little note about the fabric. All the printed cotton is from Monaluna, an organic fabric company. This fabric is stunning. I had been searching for pretty, colorful and fun organic prints and didn't find what I was looking for until this collection.

ruffle apron - mini pip

Now the details:

From the top of waistband to bottom of last tier, 15.5".
Pocket 3.5 x 4.5"
Length of waistband 18.5"
Back ties, 31" long, each.

ruffle apron - mini pip

Now available on etsy!


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