Bombshell Swim Skirt!

Like most of the sewing community, I purchased the Perfect Pattern Parcel #3 last month. I have to be honest, the main reason for getting this was for the bombshell swimsuit. I've been wanting to make my own bathing suit for the past few years now (and even did a post last year about it!) I'm very tired of teeny tiny bikinis. I'm 23 and HATE showing off so much of my body. I love vintage swimwear and have a mild obsession with the "skirted bottom" because it is more of a covered look. The bombshell 'view c' is the perfect amount of coverage while still being young and fun.

I cannot believe how easy this pattern was to make. Here I've been, sitting for years fearing the worst, and it was so simple!!! I planned on making the one piece but I was so nervous about messing it up that I made the skirt first.


It took me many nights of research to pick my fabric. I have no local stores that sell swimsuit fabric and I'm still a little nervous to go exploring New York fabric stores by myself. I feel like the bombshells I've seen are made in solids or a general polka dot print. I already have a polka dot one-piece so I wanted something fun. Spandex House has a minimum order requirement that I didn't make with my one piece fabric. That's when I decided to make the skirt and chose this tribal print to sew it in.

I had the fourth of july off from all jobs so I took the day as a personal sewing day. This was whipped up pretty quickly, only a few hours and a couple of netflix shows later and I had a skirt. It went together so fast that I only got one 'in progress' shot!


This bottom was an adorable gathered butt, which I didn't think would be flattering but it is!

Photo 2-007 

Photo 3-007


I had my mom take pictures and she is much more patient than Drew so it looks like I found a new photographer. Now I just have to work on my tan! *(Bikini top from an old suit- not handmade)*

Photo 1-007



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